Undefined SSL layout type

In RoboHelp 8, my project template only included one SSL layout – I deleted the others because we never use them. (We generate WebHelp.) In RoboHelp 10, the other layout types mistakenly appear in my project, so my script needs to select the correct one to generate. Unfortunately, instead of returning one of the constants defined in the RoboHelp.SSLLayoutType class, RoboHelp.project.SSLManager.item(i).SSLLayoutType returned null. Luckily, WebHelp does show up as the default layout, so instead I looked for the item where RoboHelp.project.SSLManager.item(i).defaultLayout is true.


Saving a RoboHelp project template

RoboHelp 8 included the SaveAsProjectTemplate.jsx script. RoboHelp 9 included the same script renamed to Project Template Generator.jsx. RoboHelp 10 works with custom project templates, but doesn’t provide a way to save them.

This was the conclusion of an hourlong web chat with an Adobe representative. Importing Project Template Generator.jsx into RoboHelp allowed me to update my project templates, although I would like to see a RoboHelp 10 patch include a way to save project templates without this workaround.